Youth become visionary leaders

For the first time in history, young people are being given the opportunity to become leaders, business owners, and founders of revolutionary projects.

We chose you to attend this elite program because we believe in your ability to build something that your community needs. We believe in your creative ideas. We believe in your passion. We believe in your projects. We believe that you have the ability to build a company with your friends. We will show you all the little details and set you up to succeed in life.

There are a lot of programs out there that help you get a job. They have been around for many years. We are taking it a few steps further, and we are confident because we get the opportunity to work with you. You have so much potential. This program will unlock the potential that’s been hiding inside of you. It has been waiting for the right time, and that time has come.

There is no doubt in our minds that you could get a high-paying job because of this program, but wouldn’t it be awesome if you were able to create a few extra jobs for your family members and friends from your neighborhood?

We tend to hear a lot about a “skills gap”. This is meant to explain why you have not been able to find meaningful employment. Ten to twenty years ago our older family members and friends were forced to work whatever job they could find. It did not matter if they liked the job or not.

Today, however, you and I have been granted a very special gift. The teachers and mentors in this program know about the gift. Once we discovered this gift we realized how important it was to help as many people as possible. This is what brought us to you.

I want you to think about one of your most favorite things to do with your friends and family. Are you passionate about film? Watching movies? Playing soccer? If you never had to look for a job ever again and you were able to do the things you loved to do what would those things be?

What if you could get paid to do the things you love? Would that be alright with you? This program, along with the teachers and mentors, will show you how to look within yourself and your local community to identify new opportunities which most people have overlooked for decades.

There is also a unique advantage you have over people who are not apart of your community. If your friends and family have needs that are currently not being met – that means they are struggling to find work, struggling to put food on the table, struggling to keep the electricity on – those are all problems that you have the power to help with. We only trust people from within our circles. Those people who are struggling right now will continue to struggle until the end of time unless someone from their local community whom they already know and trust is willing to step up and help them.

Perhaps you want to start a video production company with a few friends? The teachers and mentors already have clients who will pay you to do that work. Once you get up and running you could offer a job to one of your neighbors who is going through some difficult times. They might not be a professional video editor on the first day, but neither were you. We all have to start somewhere. This is your opportunity to become one of the pillars of your community.

Another idea is to help people who are being released from prison. These people have a difficult time finding employment. The system is not setup to help these people re-enter society. They already paid their debt when they served their time. Why do we continue to punish them even after they served all their time? You could start a program similar to the one we started with Action Horizon, but in this example you could provide specific training to them while they were still in prison. Then you would speak with the business owners you meet in this program, or perhaps you will be able to hire them yourself. You could help them line up meaningful work before they get out of prison. You could even help them build their own startup. Charge them a fee for the training and other services you provide and let them pay you on a payment plan once they start working their job. You can have the payment deducted from their weekly paycheck until you are paid in full for your services.

The two business ideas above are just a few basic examples of what it looks like to redesign the system which is perpetuating the problems we face today. Together we will discover some of the most innovative and creative ideas that will unlock resources that these underserved populations need in order to reach their full potential.

Many of us have been trying to make changes in the way our system operates for several years. Within the last 12 months the nation has reached a point of being able to let go of the old ways of doing things. The old ways did not fix any problems. In fact, as we went through high school and college we learned about problems like inequality and homelessness in America. Unfortunately, we only heard descriptions of the problems. We read text books written by people who lived thousands of miles away from our local communities. There was at least one important thing that was missing. We never learned how to fix those problems. We only learned how to listen to someone talk about the problems.

We have reached a place in history when problems like unemployment and inequality are so bad that we can no longer ignore them anymore. The problems are beginning to negatively impact all members of society. Right now, at this very moment, there are almost 7 million Americans between ages 16-24 who do not have a job nor attend school.

I am only five years older than most of the students in this program. I consider myself fortunate to have been granted a very special gift. The world as we knew it has gone through massive changes in just a few short years. This program offers a unique value to you. It empowers you with the opportunity to achieve financial, social and emotional success.

If you are selected to be apart of this program you will also have the opportunity to streamline your growth. Our team of teachers, mentors, and community members have been building a giant toolbox for you so that you may learn from our experiences as you begin your journey into the unknown.

We encourage you to make your own decisions, but we recommend that you follow a few basic steps throughout the process. We will always be here for you. We are always available if you need to talk about anything that is on your mind.

Once you are accepted to this program your life will begin transform on a daily basis. We are here to support you, but the only person who can move you forward is you. We are setting the stage for you and focusing all of our energy and effort towards you because you are our only hope for the future.

If you are courageous enough to take on the responsibility then no matter what happens in your life you can count on us to be there for you.

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