Stakeholder Update #9: Self-Directed Learning Made Easy

Simon Gabriel and Sindy Sandoval are students from the first cohort of Action Horizon.

Sindy and Simon

In the above picture, Simon and Sindy are working together to outline Simon’s personalized learning plan – we also call this a Professional Career Plan.

Simon completed a detailed 1 year plan and outlined a general plan for the next 3-5 years of his life.

This afternoon, I sat with Simon at Small World Coffee for five hours while he learned how to write code, design a website, and intentionally set plans for his future.

Simon Site

If you ask me, it is much better than a traditional resume. Simon designed and developed this website 100% on his own – my hands never touched the keyboard – he did it all himself.

Simon worked with Action Horizon’s mentors, his peers, and myself for a total of 20 hours before he was ready to bring his Professional Career Plan onto the web.

Simon outlined the next year of his life starting with his passion and purpose and moves smoothly through his milestones and tactics. It is now live for your viewing pleasure. Not only is Simon among the few people in the country to master the art of self-directed personalized learning, but he also has serious skills to bring to the table.

Would you like to establish a personal brand footprint on the internet? Perhaps your family member, daughter or son, niece or nephew, or even your friends might find these types of skills and assets valuable. They served me well, they are serving our first cohort well, and I would like to serve you as well.

I appreciate your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.



PS – This afternoon, Simon told me he wants to start thinking about getting a college education. When we started working together he was on the other side of the equation and did not see any purpose in going to college. Not only is Simon carving out a place for himself in the new economy, but he also wants to impact those around him. Hopefully our friends at the Rutgers Honors College will think about giving him an interview in the next few months 🙂

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