Stakeholder Update #7

We hosted our first bootcamp yesterday at our office in Carnegie Center:

Immersive Bootcamp

The bootcamp consisted of a stack of three workshops I designed based on the needs of the cohort:

Participants showed up with ideas, and they left with a first draft of their projects live on the web as functioning websites.

I spent the last few months building an online platform for each student to have their own online space to build ideas into projects and businesses:

Online Platform

Scholars get free domain names, a drag and drop website builder, internet marketing tools, and access to everything they need for their projects – over $1,000 worth of tools – it’s all in one place for them.

Types of projects that were started yesterday:

  • Digital Portfolios – online resume to represent the various skills and experiences a person learns throughout her life
  • E-Commerce – one of the scholars built an online shop for his t-shirt business
  • Membership – this project will have member profiles for their users and an educational knowledge base

Measurable Impact

We are always thinking about how we can move the needle, and continue driving our mission forward. The following list contains a few items that illustrate the impact we have had within 10 weeks:

  1. designed the 10-week model for our dedicated mentorship program – this is the onboarding experience for future cohorts
  2. launched the skills-based training to give scholars the hands-on skills they need for the future
  3. developed relationships with 10+ community organizations to provide access for our scholars to enter the community with as little friction as possible
  4. scholars began volunteering for community organizations and university programs
  5. scholars learned how to take an idea from their mind and build it into a tangible product
  6. notes: the scholars have evolved into individuals who verbally articulate what they are doing with their life – where they are going – how they are getting there – what they are working towards. This is compared to the first day of the program when they could only say they wanted something more, but weren’t sure how or what that meant to them.

Did you know?

Each component of Action Horizon is derived from the adversity I was challenged with and overcame throughout my life. In 2009, I was graduating college with no marketable skills, no jobs lined, no future plans, and then I met someone who taught me something that empowered me to carve out a place for myself in the economy. 90 days after graduation, I was filing the incorporation papers for my first business. Read more about my story and how I lived the program we know today as Action Horizon.

I wake up everyday, and the only thing I can think about is how grateful I am to have the opportunity to help others unlock their potential. This is not a decision I choose to make, rather, it is the only way I know how to live. One of the problems in doing this type of work, is that it requires a city. It requires a neighborhood. It requires a group of motivated individuals just like each of you. Will you help me to continue this journey? Will you help these young people discover their canyons of potential? Would you rather these young people not be engaged with our city, or would you like to see them create value for our neighborhoods? I am honored and proud to work with them. With your help, we can do this together. We can reach many more individuals than I could ever reach alone.

Crowdfunding Campaign

I am going to launch a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to support this journey. In the meantime, if you have any feedback on how I might best approach this campaign, or if you have thoughts on how I can improve the program please hit reply on this email to let me know – let’s talk.

I appreciate your time in reading this email. I appreciate your advice and insight during our conversations. I appreciate having an opportunity to be apart of your community.


Daniel D’Alonzo | 201-572-7111

Action Horizon Institute is empowering America’s youth with the confidence and resources to design a sustainable future.

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