Stakeholder Update #6: It was always for you

This is our sixth consecutive update and we’re going to try things a bit differently.

Before I show you the new style upgraded from those boring previous emails I would like to call for a slight course-correction.

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As I look back through the previous five weeks of updates I can’t help but notice a common theme. I talk about these bounding leaps we are taking into the future, but I consistently fail to mention some of the essential ingredients that have made all of this possible.

Do you know what the essential ingredient could be?

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It’s you. It’s always been you.

It is easy to get swept up in the action and lose sight of what is really at stake here. Do you know what’s at stake?

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Trust. Relationships.

I don’t mean relationships with just any person. I mean the relationships I have been fortunate to begin developing with each of you. I have always gravitated towards community development regardless of where I lived. However, there is something about this place that is different from most other places. Do you know what I am talking about?

You accepted me. The first time I knocked on the door, you invited me to come inside. This was on March 26th of this year when I launched Princeton Impact Project’s first Meetup.


You showed me how to plant the seed of my idea into the soil of Princeton’s ecosystem. You invested your time and resources into nurturing and germinating the idea and you brought it to impact faster than I had experienced before. To go from idea to impact in five weeks resulted in the incredible social innovation conference, Cooperative Impact. I am honored to have shared the stage with each of you:

You inspired me then. You inspire me today. Thank you for being the role models, leaders, and mentors of the Princeton impact ecosystem.

Acknowledging the incredible amount of selfless support and love each of you have shown me (and perhaps during times when I challenged your last nerve) is merely the first baby step in the direction and reputation we hope to build as we move forward. A direction of support for existing organizations to unlock their potential. Our scholars are eager to produce digital media service projects that tell the deep, meaningful story about the people behind the impact. Interested in hosting a scholar for a service project?

Thank you 🙂 for everything.

Project Name Deliverable Priority Owner Deadline Status
RutgersX Accelerator Service Project Partnership: one of our scholars is producing a short video for their event next week 1 MS & SG 11/16/2015 READY TO COMPLETE
LRNG, RemakeLearning, & MacArthur Foundation Attend LRNG Summit in Phili for onboarding 3 DINAN 1/08/2016 ON HOLD
Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) Approved to Host a Registered Workshop 1 11/22/2016 READY TO COMPLETE
HIVE Network Complete Application 2 DD 3/20/2015 READY TO COMPLETE
Impact Hub: Social Innovation Lab in Princeton Vetting process is about four months 3 ON HOLD


If any of the information needs to be updated, or if you have any questions send me a message.

Daniel D’Alonzo | 201-572-7111

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