Stakeholder Update #5

Hello! This is our fifth consecutive update.

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This update includes:

  • Skills Gap: There are 5 million unfilled jobs in America. Help us find these jobs (at least the jobs in the greater Princeton area!) so we can start placing our qualified scholars in these highly competitive opportunities.
  • Self-Directed Learning: We launched the first blended learning module, Self-Directed Learning, which is considered a prerequisite to the first immersive.
  • New Media Composition: Our first immersive is planned to start December 7th. Current applicants range from 18 years old with no formal college education all the way up to professionals with Master’s Degrees who are seeking more from life.
  • RutgersX Food Accelerator Program: This event takes place November 16th and Action Horizon will be present with at least two mentors (including myself) and two scholars working on their service projects.
  • Princeton Link: We launched the 0.1 version of a resource mapping platform for Princeton.
  • FAQs: Frequently asked questions

Skills Gap

According to CNN and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, America currently has about 5.4 million unfilled jobs. It is an indication that employers are unable to find the right people to fill the jobs. “It signals a persistent problem in America’s economy: the skills gap.”

I included this in our update this week because one of the goals of Action Horizon Institute is to fill this gap. Our scholars come out of the program equipped to fill the most demanding jobs in the competitive labor market.

At the same time, we want to hear from you about what it is you are looking for in the unfilled positions you presently have at your organization. We want to learn about the skills you are looking for, if you don’t mind. Reach out to us. We will make sure your future employees are ready to hit the ground running when they enter your office on day one.

Self-Directed Learning

We launched the first blended learning module this week. It is in Self-Directed Learning. This course is comprised of three core lessons: (1) Personal Learning Plan, (2) Personal Learning Environment, and (3) Personal Learning Network. Each of the three lessons has its own series of units, resources, and exercises, Most of the lessons in the Self-Directed Learning course are available via microlessons online coupled with recommended collaboration exercises. We agreed that offering this as a blended course (online + in-person) will increase the strength of those who apply for the winter immersive. If you are willing to invest in yourself, then so are we.

New Media Composition

We set the dates for our first immersive:

  • Immersive #1: New Media Composition
    • Date: December 7th
    • Days: Monday-Friday
    • Time: 9am-5pm
    • Skills Acquired: Internet Collaboration, Card Sorting, Backpack Video Journalism, Mindmapping, Storyboarding, Impromptu and Sit-Down Professional Style Interviews, Videography, Digital Storytelling, Analyzing Complexity Using New Media, etc.
    • Eligibility: Open to anyone who is interested in learning how to use new media and technology to explore, understand, and add value to their local community. Learn to create captivating videos that tell the story of your neighborhoods, organizations, businesses, or families. Come with nothing, finish the course with a polished 3-minute professional multimedia composition about a project of your choice.

RutgersX Food Accelerator Program

One of scholars is in pursuit of launching not only his own food business, but also a food entrepreneurship incubator for other passionate foodies. Our friends at the Sing Foundation were able to provide Action Horizon Institute with access to the event (tickets are $149 each) in exchange for producing a two minute engaging video similar to the one I made for the social innovation conference, Cooperative Impact. You can find us at RutgersX Food Accelerator program next week.


The purpose of this tool (as it develops into something more robust) is to provide a basic listing of all the resources available in the city. This is critical when you are responsible for designing your own learning plan. We want to remove as much friction as possible for those coming through the program to connect with the incredible resources (people, places, and organizations) Princeton has to offer. Add your organization to the map if it is not already there!


  • What is the mission of Action Horizon Institute? We are working to empower America’s youth with the confidence, resources, and agency to breakthrough their own barriers and design their own future.
  • How do I get involved? Reply to this email and include a few dates/times you are available for a one-on-one meeting with me.
  • What are in these emails? Timely updates sent no more than once per week containing (1) opportunities for you to get involved, (2) updates on our mission-driven work in the community, and (3) breakthrough moments where scholars reach new levels of development.
  • Why am I receiving these updates? (1) You have expressed your interest in being involved in some capacity, or (2) I added you to this list so you could see inside the program.
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