Stakeholder Update #3: Breaking through barriers

This update includes:

  • Weekly Updates
    • Community Works (scholar breakthrough)
    • Our First Donor (program milestone)
    • Digital Literacy (scholar training)
  • Program Details
    • Service Projects (internships)
    • Resource Mapping (city resource)
    • Academic Integrity (due diligence)
    • Business Plan (foundation)
  • Q & A
    • What is the mission of Action Horizon Institute?
    • How do I get involved?
    • How do I subscribe to these updates via email?

Weekly Updates

Community Works: As you know, I became a volunteer for the Community Works conference which takes place in January 2016. After attending the weekly organizing meeting at Marge’s home, I quickly realized that this was something the scholars should have an opportunity to be apart of. I extended the invitation and one of our scholars took advantage of this opportunity this past Friday. It was impressive that she (1) showed up, (2) networked, (3) added value to the discussion, and (4) volunteered to take down the minutes from the meeting and email them to the lead organizer, Marge Smith, by the following Monday. The scholar said she loved being apart of the meeting and wants to go back with me to this week’s meeting. We will attend again this Friday.

First Donor: One of our mentors has become our first donor. The funding has empowered us to purchase the initial technology for the scholars, the transportation costs for teachers and scholars, and as a new addition we will provide at least snacks during the weekly in-person sessions.

Digital Literacy: Now that the scholars have their first piece of technology we are able to begin the training in Digital Literacy. The outcome of this training is that the scholars will understand how to use new media, technology, and the internet as tools rather than toys. The scholars learn to set up their Personal Learning Environment by curating specific content and keywords so that they are able to filter through the noise of the internet and only focus on the credible information that is relevant to achieving their life goals as well as staying up-to-date with local, national, and global news. Scholars learn to set this process up as an automated workflow that sends all the articles, videos, images, and content to one simple feed for them to check-in to read in the morning and evening. This process allows specific knowledge to accumulate in the student’s mind.

Program Details

Service Projects: In the next few months, the scholars will be planning their first service project that aims to increase the impact of the organization they work with. The shared value comes in for the scholar because they are able to continue refining their digital media skills by using video to analyze a specific topic in their community. The work they do in their internship would consist of a video project that adds value to the nonprofit by having a volunteer tell their story. As I know from personal experience, the process of filming, editing, and producing a video such as this has a powerful impact on the creator by cultivating their empathy and establishing a strong connection with their humanity. If you would like to get involved in any capacity, please contact me.

  • Example: a scholar may opt to do an internship with the Princeton Rotary. The Princeton Rotary has a number of incredible programs that positively impact the lives of those involved. The scholar’s goal would be to empower the Princeton Rotary to have a greater impact on their constituents. The scholar would interview (on camera) the various members of the community who are involved with the Rotary’s programs. The person being interviewed would answer questions like, “Can you tell me a little bit about this program? How would someone get involved with this program? How has this program impacted your life?” The scholar would also interview members of the Rotary to ask them similar questions. The scholar would then edit the interviews into a coherent story no longer than three minutes in length, upload it to YouTube, and share the file/link to the video with the nonprofit.

Resource Mapping: The scholars are making long term plans for their future. We show them how to layout a series of experiences (training, internships, apprenticeships, etc) that will take them to their destination. Aside from the unique personalized training we offer, the remainder of the resources needed exist outside of Action Horizon, but they are still within the same ecosystem. We show the scholars how to find those people and organizations within the ecosystem that will meet their needs. We are continuing to grow our network of support so the scholars are able to plug-in to the Princeton community and sew themselves into the cultural fabric of the town. If you know someone who would be an asset to a scholar or a potential circle of influence for the program in general please let me know.

Academic Integrity: The curriculum for Action Horizon comes from two of my mentors who each had a transformational impact on my life. In order to preserve the academic integrity of their teachings I have started the process of reviewing Action Horizon’s programming with them. If you are also interested in collaborating in this capacity please let me know.

Business Plan: I have developed relationships with four community members whom I have sat down with in one-on-one meetings, told them about my vision, and they were able to see it too. Once they have reviewed my business plan we can begin the draft process. I hope to bring them together for a group meeting in the near future. These people have lived exemplary lives. They are role models not just for the scholars of this program, but also for the people of this nation. I am honored, humbled and grateful for their time.


  • What is the mission of Action Horizon Institute? We are working to empower America’s youth with the confidence, resources, and agency to breakthrough their own barriers and design their own future.
  • How do I get involved? Reply to this email and include a few dates/times you are available for a one-on-one meeting with me.
  • What are in these emails? Timely updates sent no more than once per week containing (1) opportunities for you to get involved, (2) updates on our mission-driven work in the community, and (3) breakthrough moments where scholars reach new levels of development.
  • Why am I receiving these emails? (1) You have expressed your interest in being involved in some capacity, or (2) I added you to this list so you could see inside the program.
  • How do I subscribe to these updates via email? Fill out the form below and we will make sure you receive the next update via email.

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