Stakeholder Update #1

I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to check-in with a few updates. Please forgive the length of this email. My lack of communication resulted in the need to catch up.

Thank you for investing your time and resources into your work with me and one another. It means a lot. You help me make decisions, help me develop personally and professionally, and I can see now that my work is more enjoyable with you involved and up-to-speed with recent developments.

Starting today, I will send you weekly updates via email: (1) to hold myself accountable, (2) to enable you to weigh-in on decisions prior to action, and (3) to establish a positive feedback loop for all of us to participate in open discussion. If you have feedback on any item below please don’t hesitate to follow up.


I am adding a section to with a list of mentors and advisors. I was also hoping to include your skills and expertise so that other people who need your help can easily understand your background and then are able to contact you. I plan on including everyone who receives this email unless you tell me otherwise.


Tentatively rescheduled for Saturday, May 21st. Does that work? I wanted to offer the idea of having the students lead the organizing of the conference and then all proceeds would go directly back to the students. The funding would go towards the social enterprises they are building in the program. Your thoughts?


I am working to build partnerships with various statewide organizations. My intention is to establish partnerships that enable our growth as we move forward.

Sustainable Jersey: I am volunteering for the full-day tomorrow, Friday, October 2nd. For my volunteer contribution they have asked me to attend conference talks on the digital government track so that I could take notes and identity any themes / concepts that seemed important. I thought that was a really awesome project for me. Looking forward to adding value tomorrow so that we may continue developing our relationship.

Anti-Poverty Network of NJ (APN): Serena Rice is the ED of this awesome organization. This is the only organization I am aware of who is actively organizing cross-sector stakeholders of towns throughout the state. This type of collaboration is essential to providing holistic services to our target demographic. I established a relationship with Serena and am working with her on a strategic level to ensure I am adding value directly inline with her goals. Definitely a circle of influence.

Do you have any suggestions as to who might be ideal partners? We need space and technology at this point.


  • What We Do: We are growing social entrepreneurs who know how to solve their own social problems using social entrepreneurship as the engine.
  • Why We Do It: It is our duty as empathetic humans to focus our efforts and attention on building sustainable solutions to the social problems which have plagued this great nation for centuries.
  • How We Do It: Lifelong network of continuous social emotional support, mentors, digital/new media literacy training, community-based internships, apprenticeships, and connections to the well-established pathways into accelerators. Also provide them with access to capital (local angel investors, a scholarship fund that’s currently being developed, and crowdfunding campaigns).
  • Weekly Meetings: Although we are not funded yet nor do we have our own space, the students were eager to get started as was I. To maintain their engagement while I (we) finish the planning and proposal documents we decided to start hosting informal meetings at the library or local coffee shops. The meetings turned out to be critical. They have given us a chance to build trust, lay groundwork, mentally prepare the for the action on the horizon, introduce mentors in a relaxed environment, and get a full understanding of where each of us are in our individual journeys.
  • Milestones: I will share the plan and curriculum w you
      1. Today: Sending you the first weekly update!
      2. The moment when all of you agree that the plan, curriculum, and business model are ready to be funded
        • dependent upon me sharing the version I have now so you can provide me with feedback
      3. The moment we secure the first $50,000 (12 months run-time)
        • dependent upon (a)
      4. The moment we give the students technology
        • dependent upon (b)
      5. Secure a Permanent Location / Space
        • dependent upon (b), OR it can happen earlier if someone offers it

    As I said, if you have any feedback I would greatly appreciate it. If there is anything I can do to help you with anything in the meantime please let me know.

    I appreciate your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.


    Daniel DAlonzo

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