Action Horizon Institute hosts a series of transformative learning experiences that empower our Scholars with the tools, confidence and agency to design a sustainable future.

We are convinced…that everyone benefits in the long run from freeing the creative energies of ordinary people. In the short term, of course, our students may not thank us for making this freedom our goal. But in the weeks and months to come, please remember that we were all once beginners, and that if we continue to think and learn, we will remain beginners for the rest of our lives. Good luck.

“Teaching the Action Horizon”, Kurt Spellmeyer and Richard E. Miller

Self-Directed Learning

Scholars enter the program by completing our Self-Directed Learning module which is offered for free as an Open Education Resource. During this transformation, the Scholar unlocks their own potential.

Unlock Your Potential

Once a Scholar has unlocked her potential, she reaches a new level of consciousness as a result of the deep level of empathy our curriculum is intentionally designed to invoke.

Reconnect with Humanity

Empathy drives the human experience. This includes the decisions we make, the impact we choose to have on the world, and the investments we make into our neighbors, loved ones, and complete strangers.

Serving the Community

The Scholar continues to progress through the curriculum which is scaffolded in a way that builds on the parts of the previous experiences and skills acquired in the program. This process is developmentally accelerated both personally and professionally. Resulting in an activated and highly engaged citizen capable of pursuing and obtaining the highest levels of employment in the competitive labor market.

Re-skilling for the Future

Many Scholars will have the opportunity to line-up full-time employment during their time in the apprenticeships they have in Action Horizon. This ensures the employer that the person they offer a salary to already has been trained, and there is no question regarding the ability to create and add value to the organization – the Scholar proves that during apprenticeship. This allows for a smooth transition from education into the new economy. This is how the Scholar bridges that gap.

Climbing the corporate ladder

This process of continuous achievement within an organization is effortless for these brilliant individuals. Unlike most of their colleagues and surely the generations before them, they don’t wait around for someone to give them permission to learn the next big thing. They already started learning it last night. Once they reach the top of their field they realize the satisfaction received from this type of workplace achievement has begun to fade. What’s next?

Going from zero to one of the highest paying jobs in your industry is where we set the bar – AHI provides you with the tools, confidence and agency to achieve this feat. Whether you choose to overcome the obstacles on your way to the top is up to you. You are defined by the way in which you deal with adversity.

Continuous Innovation & Improvement

One of the unique qualities we see develop over time in an AHI Scholar is the continuous pursuit of greater achievement. They may have first met us at one of the lowest parts of their lives. Their creative spirit has been crushed leaving them with little confidence to indulge in their own ideas. AHI gives them the nurturing experience they need to spark the flame which burns deep within our body and tells us to do something based on instinct. Many people call this feeling, “the feeling in your gut”.

Scholars come to us with a need for immediate employment for various reasons: they lost their job and need to reskill themselves in order to apply for the many open positions that require specific skill sets, they just graduated from college without much direction and very few skills to offer and are on their way to move back into their parent’s basement, and more recently we are seeing highly educated individuals come to us because they are seeking more meaning and purpose from their lives.

Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship

As Scholars seek a deeper meaning in life, they realize that there are so many unserved humans right in their own neighborhoods. They can begin to have an incredible impact these lives almost immediately.

The natural arrival at a life rooted in social entrepreneurship is a place we see the future as becoming.

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