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I find it interesting when I seem to find blog posts and other relevant content on the web when I am going through a personal or professional challenge. It is almost as though that specific content wanted to connect with me at this specific time to deliver a specific message.

I came across the below passage in one of Srinivas Rao’s emails. Have you heard of him? He is known as the Unmistakeable Creative. He is an instigator. He likes to shake things up a bit. Needless to say, he fits right in with us.

Srinivas Rao is Unmistakably a Creative

“When your temporary circumstances last longer than you hoped they would, it’s easy to fall back into believing they are your identity.”

That is a great quote from Srinivas. I can’t thank you enough for writing this. I’ve been in the middle of launching a program so it has been difficult to saved any money or grow too fast so I’ve been bootstrapping since March. I was nervous to start the project to begin with because of past failures, but somehow I went forward with it.

“I’m all for wisdom and not repeating history. But it’s about a balance between what you already know and the willingness to look at what lies ahead of you as a blank canvas. If you clutter the canvas with your existing biases, knowledge and judgement you leave little room for innovation.”

I will let you dive in for a few minutes with this extended version of the article. This passage came in an email coupled with an awesome podcast and email you can subscribe to here:

Once you realize that every single moment of your life is temporary, you can finally separate yourself from your circumstances. But sometimes our temporary circumstances last longer than we want them to.

  • It takes a bit longer for you to lose the weight
  • Your business grows slower than you thought it would
  • Debt is not paid off as soon as you’d hoped
  • You’re single for longer than you thought you’d be

This is one of the most important times to remember that everything is tempoarary. I know it can be hard to see something that lasts for many years as temporary. But I believe that anyone who has achieved anything of great significance sees their struggle as a temporary thing.

  • I’m single, but the girl of my dreams is what’s next
  • I may be at rock bottom but what’s coming is a spectacular take off

You have to believe in a future that doesn’t look like today. I was sitting at a dinner table with my friend and mentor Greg Hartle a year ago and he said that people who do great things always believe their idea is the best idea in the world (even when it’s not).

They believe so strongly in the future that THIS IS TEMPORARY becomes the lens through which they see the world. As  Greg Hartle says “we live in a world of diminishing permanence.” So when you feel broken, destroyed, damaged and beyond repair….. just remember. Your temporary circumstances don’t have to become your permanent reality.

I hope those of you who needed to hear that message were able to find it. If you didn’t need to hear it right now, perhaps you would be willing to share it with someone you know who is struggling to overcome similar obstacles.

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