Long-term Impact and Future Milestones

By 2020, we will create a minimum of 1,000 Jobs

  • By 2020, Action Horizon Institute will have successfully empowered at least 1,000 people with meaningful, stable, and competitively compensated employment whether it be working for their own nonprofit or for the corporate agency around the block. We can’t force you to become an entrepreneur, but the program is for people who are open to that happening to them.
  • At which point, our impact begins to amplify, or mirror itself as employment opportunities exponentially grow through the work our customers produce.
    By 2019 we will be able to accept 200 new students per year into our postsecondary education program which positions itself in the gaps between the education system and the changing economy as well as the engine which produces a certain type of business which can go to the famous accelerators around the world like TechStars and Y Combinator. I don’t want to compete with those places as they have perfected the way to invest and launch in startups. However, we would be the place which changes the way people build their businesses so that the businesses applying to Y-Combinator are social projects which are highly profitable
  • we will provide our portfolio projects with access to advisors, vetting processes, funding, service-providers, technological resources, connections, and any support necessary to help our customers build successful social enterprises. We are financially incentivized to see these projects succeed because part of our revenue model relies on the 8% ownership we retain in each new project which comes out of Action Horizon Institute.

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