Open House

Open House takes place about once per month. It is a chance for you to learn more about the people in the program, meet the leadership, and find out if this is something you would like to do. Feel free to come to as many Open House events as you would like. No membership is required. These events are in high demand to attend so if you plan to attend we kindly ask that you RSVP asap to reserve a spot.

These low-key gatherings are “come and go as you please” type of events.

  • mentors and advisors are available to meet with you one-on-one
  • we always have some type of delicious food
  • coworking is free on these nights
  • new members have an opportunity to interact with other new members
  • family and friends are always coming through to see the progress on the projects and to just hang out

Hope to see you at the next Open House!

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