We introduce scholars to community organizations relevant to the project they began working on during the first immersive. The purpose behind this is to enable the scholar to accumulate a deep archive of content as she continues to investigate the issue.

Action Horizon Internships

Scholars are encouraged to connect with various organizations in the city so they may collect the data they need to continue working on their new media compositions. However, scholars are asked to make a contribution commitment to one specific organization per week. Scholars may work all four weeks for one organization, or split the time among four organizations. These decisions are made between the scholar, her learning network, mentors, and potentially the community organizations they will work with.

Building Trust

It is the responsibility of the scholar to maintain and develop their relationships in the community. In order to dive deep under the surface to understand potential systemic problems it will require a great deal of trust between the community member suffering from the inequity and the scholar who is trying to learn about it.

Continuous Support and Mentorship

Scholars receive continuous support, advice, and insight from their mentors and learning network on how to maximize their value both for the benefit of the host organization as well as to accelerate the scholar’s skill development.

Skill Application

The internship is a time for the scholar to have a real world opportunity to apply the skills she learned in the immersive course to a project outside of the classroom. It is understood that the skills have likely not been refined to perfection just yet.

University Credits

Scholars are entitled to earn up to six (6) credits towards college graduation depending on the number of hours they put in. Scholars will not receive financial compensation until they advance to the apprenticeship part of the program. It is the responsibility of the scholar to communicate with their mentor and previous college to learn what the options are for internship opportunities and how the process works.

Creating Social Value

This allows the scholar to continue developing their skills while the community organization gets to have valuable marketing assets produced. Meanwhile, the scholars are able to get a unique view of the city, community, and culture. This unshielded view allows the scholar to begin analyzing the makeup of the city and gain an understanding of potential causes for some of the social issues she has been studying the previous four weeks

By the end of the internship the scholar will have a professional, polished, and coherent social artifact which provides its viewers with an in-depth understanding of the social problem they researched over the last six weeks. This video is instrumental in the next phase of the program: Immersive #2: Web Products

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