Immersive #2: Web Products

The scholars have about a one week break between Internship and Immersive #2.

It is during this session does the scholar learn how to create a web product. The purpose of their web product is to present the new media composition they produced during Immersive #1 and Internship. This live web product becomes a central location for where viewers can find the truth about how and why a specific social problem is occurring.

The scholar will begin to mold and shape their web product to encourage their visitors to interact and take action. Perhaps participate in a conversation in a threaded forum on the web product, or a process for allowing the community members to watch the video, get inspired, and then upload their own content to the scholar’s web product. Many of these ideas and decisions will unfold organically on their own, and of course with a continuous network of support and mentorship from people who care about the success of the youth in this great nation.

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