Action Horizon Institute of Technology offers a program that continuously innovates an accelerated post-secondary education experience.

The program equips scholars with 21st century skills, provides continuous social emotional support by facilitating connections with community members, and it provides an ever-growing network of opportunities by showing scholar how to sew themselves into the cultural fabric of their local communities.

Action Horizon Institute of Technology

The program is comprised of various learning experiences:

  1. Self-Directed Learning: Turn your vision into a personalized learning plan
  2. Skill-Building Workshops: 21st century skills + selection of one of our expert tracks
  3. Service Projects: Apply skills from workshops to create shared value for local organizations and entrepreneurs
  4. Apprenticeships: Connect with local businesses to build the local economy
  5. Social EnterpriseBuild a startup that solves a social problem

Program Details

1. SELF-DIRECTED LEARNING: Turn a vision into a personalized learning plan

Start the program with the peer-led collaborative process of building a personalized learning plan that outlines a roadmap for achieving your goals. Your personal plan includes your unique long-term and short-term goals as well as the learning experiences required to reach them. Work as a team to build your plans and hold each other accountable along the way.

2. SKILL-BUILDING WORKSHOPS: 21st Century Skills

Workshops are project-based and immersive transformational learning experiences. Cultivate empathy as you define social issues in your local community, and learn how to use disruptive technology to create value that meets the needs of the people who are impacted by the social issues. Produce a multimedia composition (video) to define the social issue, design a website with your video plus other content, and attach a revenue model to sustain and deepen your impact.

3. SERVICE PROJECTS: Apply skills from workshops to credit-based internships

Build meaningful relationships as you refine your skills. Work toward your long-term goals when you intern at an organization. Learn about your city, the way people interact, the problems they have, why they have those problems, and refine your digital media and technology skills by producing various multimedia projects, web projects, and other technology driven results to help the organization tell their stories, engage their constituents, and achieve their impact goals.

4. APPRENTICESHIP: Connect with local businesses to build the local economy

Grow into a paid position using the new skills you acquired. Work for local businesses that will give you the learning experiences (and paycheck!) to bring you closer to achieving your goals outlined in your Personalized Learning Plan. Learn the process of running the business, understand how different components work together, ask a lot of questions, and do good work with the hope your boss will offer you the full time job.

5. SOCIAL ENTERPRISE: Build a startup that solves a social problem

Identify gaps in your local community. What unmet needs exist in your neighborhoods and surrounding areas? Unlock specific resources for a currently underserved market so they may receive equal access to opportunity. Establish feedback loop with your constituents in order to let them easily tell you what they need improved. Depending on the size of the problem, your innovative social enterprise could transform a society.When the time is right, attach a business model to your value to sustain and deepen your impact.

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