Dr. Ronald King

My work always involves doing something incredibly important to me or something I’m terrible at doing that I need to learn well. I thrive in serving and growing through the generosity, challenges and collaboration of friends and partners.

With a passion for storytelling, community learning and sustainability, My most recent endeavor is to create a pathway for wisdom from the edges of life to be shared in visual stories. After joining causes that grew greater than funding available to support them, I’m exploring ways a creative caring community can leverage social capital into financial resources with respect and integrity.

In teaching children, I learned to play together and gave kids a place to grow. As a marriage and family therapist counselor, I learned communication skills to enrich my own relationship with Debbie, my daughters and grandchildren. Working with family systems makes me aware that I’m still being shaped by intergenerational and cultural influences. As a pastor, I hope some have been helped as much from pastoral care and sermons I’ve preached as I’ve been helped by serving.

I directed a restorative justice team of neighborhood elders to resolve conflicts by bringing offenders, victims and citizens together in peacemaking circles. Extended time spent in several countries of Africa helped me appreciate the value of ubuntu while exploring the connection between postmodernism and postcolonialism with young church leaders there.

As a hospice chaplain, I learn from patients who find meaning in their own life review and search for hope. Visitors at The Shack (a drop-in center for spiritual explorers), friends from Pizza Church and Hope Within (nonformal community of learning/growth/healing) have all contributed to my personal growth and opportunity to serve.

Collective Impact fundraising is a new and profitable path to connecting communities of abundance for the common good.

I look forward to meeting you.



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