Get Involved

Your advice, insight and support is priceless. Thank you for all you do.

I am proud to extend the invitation for you to be involved on a deeper level. We have a few specific needs to support our growth.

Dedicated Mentors

Mentors drive the scholar experience. We are launching our next cohort in January 2016. We need mentors who are able to meet with one scholar, twice per month for about two hours per meeting. Each scholar works with two mentors at a time.

Bootcamp Coaches

Coaches provide on-demand support to our scholars during the workshops. There is no commitment beyond showing up for the workshop you signed up to be available for. We are looking for Bootcamp Coaches with the following expertise:

  • Ideation: you understand the ideation process of turning ideas into tangible products – I am willing to teach you if you are interested, and if you already know how then please let me know.
  • Technical: you are comfortable providing technical assistance with things like domain management, web hosting services, CSS/HTML, WordPress functionality, etc
  • Marketing: you fully understand the internet marketing methodology of turning visitors into repeat customers
  • Community: I need community builders and people who know how to develop inclusive communities
  • Impact Investors: you understand the emerging field of impact investment and are comfortable providing mentorship to projects that steer them in the direction of being prepared for impact capital

Workshop Leaders

Scholars attend workshops to learn skills they need to succeed in the real world. If you have a marketable skill you would like to teach our scholars then we would like to speak with you about running a workshop. Examples of workshop themes:

  • Art (visual, digital, videography, photography)
  • Life (financial literacy, communication, etiquette)
  • Social (institutions, issue-based, solutionary models)
  • Design (human-centered, workflows, problem discovery)
  • Business (business model generation, monetization, cooperatives)
  • Marketing (email, social media, blogging)

Scholars earn badges to represent successful completion of a workshop. Completion of a workshop consists of a scholar’s creation of a specific asset they develop during the workshop. More information is available to anyone interested in hosting a workshop – let us know in the form on the right.

Financial Partners

Action Horizon Institute welcomes financial support from philanthropists, family foundations, and institutional donors whose priorities are to maximize their impact and join a community of innovation and continuous learning. You play an essential role in driving our mission forward.

The impact of your investment in Action Horizon Institute is not only to provide relief to the negative effects of a social problem, but it is also to transform the problem at a systemic level. The Action Horizon network is growing, and our model is built to harness the power of your contribution by integrating the proper resources, strategic experts, and continuous opportunities for new collaboration.

Funding is used to support our programming to provide effective resources and support to our scholars who are building businesses that solve social problems. We are your due diligence.

Ideas Beyond This Page

If you have any ideas we have not listed on this page please let us know. We are interested in collaborating with innovative people who are carving out a place for themselves in the world. We look forward to hearing your exciting story.

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