Self-Designing and Earning Your Own Degree

Let’s say you were to design and produce your own degree. Let’s say you stick to the plan and work hard at it for several years. Think about the incredible story you will have to tell your future boss, friends, and family. Now, compare that with the story you would have to tell if you went through the traditional college experience. Do you think your stories would be different? If you want to learn what it feels like for people to be impressed by you, then you may want to try the first option.

As an institute of technology, Action Horizon offers various credentialing opportunities and operates at various levels of the education system. We are different from the traditional education institutions because we put you in the driver’s seat of your own education. We train you in the craft of self-directed learning so that you are prepared for turbulent future of this American economy.

We are not interested in accreditation

Initially based on our assumptions, and now proven by each cohort is that you can learn if you want to learn. Our scholars prove to themselves and their local communities that they do not necessarily need to be measured by the four points of what we used to know as a GPA.

Personal learning network

Continuous feedback from the scholar’s personal learning network is absolutely critical. Self-assessment, peer-assessment, and advisor assessments are completed on a continuous basis.

We had our initial doubts that a self-designed program may or may not stand up in comparison to a traditional degree. Interestingly, self-designed educational journeys are turning out to be more impactful on both the scholar as well their local community.

Life is a draft process

It is our contention that life is a draft process. Therefore, we must enjoy the benefits of collaborating with our peers, family, and advisors at the drop of a hat. We must always be ready for the next innovation which will require each of us to slightly re-skill and retool ourselves so that we are fluent in the language and tools. Rather than fall behind this innovation curve, we encourage our scholars to always be learning, always be teaching, and never stop communicating.

This draft process is critical to a scholar’s personal, professional, and emotional development. It also provides extensive written reports from respected members of the academic community, potential internship or apprenticeship host businesses, and it paints the picture of who you are as a person – your character – your values – the reasons you get up in the morning. These are humanizing traits (we all have them) which are heightened in the eyes of your future employers or potential graduate programs etc.

Self-Designed Learning Experience Documented

Packaging a self-designed learning experience is where you get the opportunity to differentiate yourself. We call this “documenting the process”. The planning, collaboration, skill development, motivation, ambition, diligence, self-worth, courage, and the list goes on – these are the common qualities we see developing in people who take back ownership of their lives and their futures. Each of us has a unique experience in this world, our bodies are unique, and the process we go through as we self-design our education will surely be unique as well. We hand out black and white composition books on the first day we meet and encourage them to start writing. It does not even matter what you write about. Just write.


Self-Designing the Best Versions of Ourselves

It’s been an amazing experience to have the opportunity to work alongside so many extraordinary individuals who simply needed a chance to become themselves.

It seems like we are all in pursuit of the best versions of ourselves, and with this program we can finally achieve that which was previously unobtainable.

What we are finding more often than not is that in order to transform into this version it requires the agency make our own intentional decisions about where we would like to take our life, it requires support from peers and mentors to help coach us through uncharted territory – to make sure that we go through the ambiguous experiences rather than avoid them, and this organically leads to building our own confidence with each little win that goes under our belt – each milestone that seemed like it was a lifetime away and now it’s fading into the darkness of our rear view mirrors.

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