Backpack Video Journalism [COURSE]

This course will teach you to produce engaging new media compositions to grow your personal brand, investigate a research problem, sell to a business, educate the public, and so much more. Course Description Backpack video journalism is a form of journalism that is emerging at a fast rate due to democratization of digital media tools. This

Immersive Workshop Saturday 12/04/15

Based on the needs of each scholar in the first cohort I designed this stack of workshops to be inline with your projects as part of a full-day immersive bootcamp. Workshop Details We will start at 1pm so please arrive a few minutes before 1pm. There will be 3-4 breaks throughout the bootcamp and then

Self-Designing and Earning Your Own Degree

Let’s say you were to design and produce your own degree. Let’s say you stick to the plan and work hard at it for several years. Think about the incredible story you will have to tell your future boss, friends, and family. Now, compare that with the story you would have to tell if you went through the traditional college experience.

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