Action Horizon Institute is building the foundation of a sustainable economy. We are in the business of growing social entrepreneurs. Scholars discover their potential and their purpose. We give them the tools to build a life for themselves.

Action Horizon Institute is a postsecondary education program designed to empower learners with the tools, confidence, and agency to design a sustainable future. Our omnichannel learning experience includes a comprehensive set of services that, when combined in the right order, provide transformative results.

  • 5.6 million Americans ages 18-24 are neither working nor enrolled in school
  • In the next 20 years, 40% of the workforce will be automated by technology
  • There are presently over 5 million unfilled jobs in the USA because, according to employers, existing applicants do not possess the necessary skills

We see two ways to approach the above statistics: (1) focus on yesterday and today’s problems, or (2) build new infrastructure for tomorrow so that we aren’t constantly placing bandaids over broken bones.

We decided to go with number two. We fully support our partners and those who are working to connect today’s unemployed with meaningful career opportunities.

Our model was uniquely discovered through the reflective journaling process of our founder, Daniel D’Alonzo. What initially began as his actual life experiences from the years 2009-2011, Mr. D’Alonzo was able to distill the various components of his ecosystem and crystalize each one with precision. The following represents the accelerated program. When you adopt this model into your university, I encourage you to use a Gantt Chart to help you visualize the process and rally your departments around it. Let us know how it goes.

AHI timeline

The following graphic provides a more specific definition of each component. Keep in mind, the colorful experience a scholar goes through is always working towards a greater purpose. For us, it’s so the scholar cultivates a deep sense of empathy which will enable her to make different decisions as she moves forward in life. Therefore, our hypothesis is that society at-large will be a more social, and enjoyable place to live.

AHI Components

The final graphic of this series which ties the process together is the one which defines the phases of our social enterprise methodology that was invented by our founder, Daniel D’Alonzo. These are the phases a human goes through on their journey to impact. The program outlined in the graphics above is designed specifically to map the scholar experience through the four phases of impact. The following framework is the final iteration of our founder’s discovery in its most simplified format.

D'Alonzo phases of social impact

Why You Care

Unlock your own potential. Design your own future. Build the foundation of our new economy by transforming the social problems you encounter in your life into economic opportunities.

How You Do It

Apply for the program. It is offered four times per year. Become an engaged citizen who can think for yourself, understand the significance of who you are and what your purpose is, challenge the status quo, and courageously blaze a trail into the future.

How We Do It

After years of practice and working with college students, Deans, CEOs, and startup founders the Action Horizon Institute has streamlined the process of building a social enterprise. This is important because as students matriculate they are no longer pursuing degrees. Rather, they are pursuing solutions to the world’s problems and using a degree as one of the vehicles that gets them there.

We reconnect our Scholars with their humanity and empower them with the tools to cultivate a deep sense of empathy. This shows the Scholar what it is like to live in someone else’s shoes. It is an important component in the journey of understanding how to build a business that solves a social problem.

We are in the business of growing social entrepreneurs and creating opportunity for the future of America as we prepare for the next 100 years.

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